I’m peeved.  Peeved to the point that I’ve had it, become fed up, and have decided to throw in the freakin’ towel.

Let me back up: part of being a published writer is promoting your work, and it’s a widely accepted fact that one of the best ways to do this is via solicitation of reviews.

So, I’m being a “good author” and running around to all the different review websites, reading guidelines, and submitting to the ones who sound like they’d be open to my type of fiction (gothic/paranormal/dark fantasy), in the lengths that I write (stories, novellas).

The responses I get vary, but pretty much they all boil down to:

“Oh, we don’t do short fiction”

as if:

‘You’re beneath us and not worth our time unless you’re writing books.’


The only thing worse than this is the reviewers who agree to review, act all excited, get back to me telling me how wonderful the story was & promise they’ll have it up in a few weeks….

…and then the weeks pass, turning into a month, then three, then six, and they don’t even bother to reply when I send a courteous “what’s the status?” email….

I’m completely and totally fed up with it.  (I mean, it’s one thing if they read it and then say they can’t review it because of X.  That’s fine.  But to agree and then not???)  No more.  The damn critics can keep their shoddy time schedules and empty promises — I’m through.  Through sending shit out, through with my vain attempts to follow up, through with listening to their elitist attitudes.

I’ll let my readers enjoy my works as they are, and we can talk and tell others about it all, and have more fun in the process.


2 thoughts on “prejudice

  1. Ouch. Painful. Not fun. This all sounds frustrating to the point of above and beyond what you can be expected to take. I can understand your anger, and the reviewers who promise to review and then don’t are just, well, shitheads. Seriously.

    And yet. You know that this is part of what being a writer is. It’s pandering a bit to reviewers and it’s promoting your works as much as you can and it probably feels upsetting and demeaning and just plain obnoxious. And yet, it helps expose your work to more people, and a larger readership can be worth it, because it’s gratifying to see people read and enjoy what you write and even ask for more. So although it’s frustrating to the max, don’t give it up is my advice. Take a break from it, certainly, and calm your spirits. But then get back on it, despite it all!

  2. It is incredibly frustrating, and I’m just fed up with the entire mess. And the funny thing is, I spend all this time searching out these reviewers/critics, and yet I’m getting more interest from my social networking & interviews than any of the pitiful number of reviews I’ve managed to garner.

    So that’s why I think a change is in order.

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