Hubby read my major revisions last night on “Crown of Thorns,” and it pretty much got the Hubby Seal of Approval… except for two, rather large things:

  1. I need to seriously sit back and think, “what is Death’s job?”
  2. I need to give more at the end detailing or at least giving better hints as to what happens next with my main characters.

So, I guess you could say the piece is pretty much done except for a few last-minute tweaks, and then it’s ready for one last round of polish.


But now (funny how these writing things come in hordes), I also have a firm urge to finish “Demon’s Music,” the next novella set in the same world as “Crown of Thorns,” and ironically the one I put on hold so I could revise CoT.  AND

… “Woods” wants to be a novella too.

I’m sure of it now, after mulling it over this last week.  There’s just too much going on in Lesah’s life (not to mention Connor’s end of things!) to boil it down.  And I think it will be a richer story if I just sit down with it over a period of months so I can explore.

It seems I am at a sort of writerly crossroads.

I have to finish CoT’s revisions, and ASAP — I promised the publisher who expressed intrest in the short form that I’d have it revised and back to her soon for her review.  So there’s no putting that off any longer.

But do I then work on “Woods”?  From scratch?  Or do I be a good girl and finish “Demon’s Music” first (there’ll be major revision/rewriting with this one, but there’s a substantial bulk of material already composed)?

Choices, choices.


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