While I had a wonderful last couple of days (celebrating wedding anniversary with hubby, competing in a cowboy action match, going with hubby to way cool local museum, watching fireworks off mom-in-law’s rooftop, shopping, hanging out), my writing has been absolutely sucky.

I’m serious.  The bottom has fallen out of the bucket.

So take this short story I’ve been working on, “Woods:”

  • Over the last three weeks, the direction of the plot has shifted five different times.  FIVE!  And that doesn’t even count the times it’s shifted back.
  • Two of my characters, one main and one secondary, have changed their motives.
  • Scenes feel tight and together one moment, only to fall apart with the next sentence I put on a page.
  • And, the entire structure of the story feels like it’s in this weird sort of limbo…..

Basically, all I have is the scene that drove me to write a story around it, and it’s killing me!  I need to tell this story.

Now I just need to figure out how.


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