I have always found it interesting, how I’ll be in the middle of doing something completely mundane and then my freakishly unusual brain will come up with something totally crazy, which will then morph into something I need to write about.

Like today:

The way I saw it, I had two choices.

I could eat her — and she’d be very tasty, no doubt, with all her plump curves and soft parts — or, I could just keep walking.

WTF?  Where did that come from?  I was putting home-made tortillas in the frying pan, bending down to dry my hands on the towel hanging off the front of my oven, and that…..

I’ll be working on a piece here shortly from that, just because I can’t stand it.

The mind is a wonderfully complex thing.


One thought on “that flash of inspiration

  1. I love those moments! I’ve had them to, and it always leads to such a fun flood of words. The dam may dry up after a bit, but it’s a wonderful feeling to have that burst of inspiration… Can’t wait to see what that line is going to turn into!

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