And I had it all planned out in my head…

… only…

I lost it.

Doesn’t that just seem to be the way of things these days?

On another note, watched “Valkyrie” (Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy, et. al.) and “Taken” (Liam Neeson).


(The only pity with historical movies like “Valkyrie” is that you know how they end.  The only bad thing about movies like “Taken,” is you know the hero can’t save them all.)

But, pretty damn good, lemme tell you.


3 thoughts on “i had some witty thing to say

  1. It’s really good. I mean, really, *really* good. But don’t watch it unless you can stand some pretty dark & serious stuff (not like horror-film dark, but dark in that “this shit could happen”).

    It was a very gripping film. I was going to let hubby watch it by his lonesome and go do some cycling, but then I got sucked in and couldn’t leave the couch…..

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