The last two weeks feel like they weren’t even there!

A recap up through today:

  • Put in the veggible garden.  Seven rows of popcorn, seven hills of lemon cucumbers, three hills zucchini, two hills white pumpkins, two rows (different varieties) lettuce & two rows spinach, one row sugar snap peas, carrots, beets, and radishes.
  • Getting ready for the Summer Reading program at work… B.U.S.Y.
  • Dug out my mandolin this last week and have been really enjoying the change in instruments. 🙂
  • Got a fun idea for a flash piece… now I just need to write it down!
  • Am almost finished with revisions for “Crown of Thorns”….  Like, two more chapters to revise, and I don’t know that there’ll be much revision going on, since everything’s just about how I want it.
  • Still considering that bug for writing in verse.  Still don’t know about it, either.
  • Been commuting via bicycle.  I’m down to 20 minutes on the way in and just over 30 for the way home!  Yee-ha!!

3 thoughts on “sumthin' sumthin'

  1. Wow! So many awesome accomplishments! Your last two weeks have been tremendously productive =]

    It sounds like you’re going to have a tasty assortment of veggies and gourds and legumes &c!

    Is the summer reading program for kids? I remember loving those challenges/activities at the library when I was younger.

    It must be very cool being able to play the mandolin.

    I hope your writing continues to go excellently! That’s great to hear “Crown of Thorns” is going so well — and I hope you have fun with your flash fic, and your verse if you decide to go for it =]

    And congrats on the bike riding!

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