Watching an old Elvis musical:

  • The woman is psycho.  I mean, we’re talking straight-jacket & padded room material.
  • Can we say pseudo-p*rn to music?  Ack!
  • And while Elvis is a decent actor, he has the misfortune to play one of the most confused members of the male species.  I mean, seriously. You DO NOT — I repeat, D O  N O T — fall in love with psycho-chicks who stalk you and rearrange your life for you and who hurt themselves just to get you to let them stay in the house they bought for you because they took over your freakin’ life.  You just, DON’T.  Especially when they can’t even decide what name they want to call themselves.

And furthermore, you do not get involved with girls who sic their Great Dane on you whenever you do something they don’t like (mind, this is the dog they let sleep in a baby bed and who’s food they sneakily test out on you as if it’s no big deal).


You just don’t.

[edit] At least he sicced the dog on her at the end.


3 thoughts on “do not


    I actually haven’t seen an Elvis movie where I’ve been convinced he’s a decent actor. =p (But then, I’ve only seen Follow That Dream from start to finish, most of Viva Las Vegas, and random chunks of others. Though I’d like to see King Creole sometime; I’ve heard good things about it.)

    Still, that girl sounds like a first-class loony. Yikes 0_o

  2. Wow, I think the last time I saw an Elvis movie was when I was a little kid and I got a huge crush on him :P.
    Well, you know, I’m sure that’s a fairly common occurrence – falling in love with a psycho/stalker who rearranges your life. I mean, come on, that’s normal romance, isn’t it?

    Or not.

    Anyway, Great Danes are huge, I’ll grant you, but they think they’re the size of a basset hound basically. They are totally sweet and they only harm you by being too enthusiastic and thinking that jumping on you is an acceptable way to greet you.

  3. Erin: I first saw him in some American-soldier/G.I. movie on late-night summer special on the Country Music channel and rather liked it. These movies I watched last night…. eh.

    SlightlyIgnorant: Elvis *is* crushworthy — so long as you’re talking about him in his younger years (60’s vintage Elvis?? Eeeewwwww). And Great Danes are cool. 🙂 Had one when I was a really little kid and I just remember them being so BIG, lol. And really sweet, like you say. 🙂 But the one in this movie… they had him growling and what not and it was just weird!!

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