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There’s a lot of talk about ‘being green’ these days.  And I think (in most ways) it’s a good thing.  I ride my bicycle to work every day that’s got nice weather (mostly for fun), and hang my clothes out on the clothesline to dry so I can save some electricity.  I borrow the vast majority of my reading material from the library, and I like ebooks, and read them whenever I get the chance.  I recycle the paper I use into kindling during the cold months, and what garden food we get during the year I try to preserve for later use.  I never litter, and would probably recycle if I could figure out where the (&*%!!#!) recycling plant is….

But writers, I have a question for you:

With all this talk of “going green,” “being green,” and what not, how is it affecting your writing habits?

What I mean is, are you moving entirely digital for the writing process, or something else?

I’m just curious to see what you all say.


7 thoughts on “being green

  1. This is an interesting question. I’m scared that going green will be one of the reasons to stop printing books in the future and the thought of not having a book in my hands fills me with terror. The physical experience of turning pages and inhaling that bookish scent is way too important for me to give it up…
    Now, to your actual question – I still write with pen and paper as well as with keyboard and mouse. I think, once again, the physical experience of writing, of pressing down the pen and feeling that cramp in your wrist when you write too fast – those things are important to me and are part of my joy and love of writing. However, I do a LOT of my writing with a keyboard as well.

  2. I love reading printed books, although, admittedly, in everything but portability, e-books are more convenient.

    I do the vast majority of my writing on the computer. I make notes and keep a bit of a journal on paper, but I find I can translate my thoughts to words better with a keyboard. Plus, it’s easier on my fingers! (I still have a huge writer’s bump on my ring finger from when I used to write everything by hand. 0-o) So even though I try to do my bit to be “green,” I write on the computer for less altruistic reasons.


  3. I am with SI on the book thing – -there is something about the actual turning the pages of a book that I don’t think I can do without. All the same, I read online a lot, too.

    I write both on the computer and off. My journals – – the the things no one reads, are all good ol’ pen and paper.

    I think “Going Green” is good, but I also have too many opinions on this subject, and it gets me a little annoyed. Interesting question, Heather.

  4. I’d hoped it was an interesting question! 😀

    A few thoughts:

    SlightlyIgnorant: Given what I’ve read on the topic, I suspect that a) print publishing will not die simply because of people like yourself (so never fear! 🙂 ), although b) it will probably suffer a MAJOR hit in the next couple of years because the current publishing industry (read: corporate conglomerates) is so f*ed up, they’ve stopped even listening to what their customers want, among other things…. The indies & the niche markets however…. they’re doin’ good. REEEEaaal good.

    But, we will *always* have book-books. 🙂 I think as things progress, ebooks will become like audio books — just another reading option. (Side note: People used to be just as scared that audio books would obliterate print, & it didn’t.)

    McKenzie: I have a lot of opinions about & annoyances relating to the topic too. There’s too many sides and nuances to really be certain of what you’re looking at.

    Erin: I find the same thing, that it’s a little easier to organize my thoughts on a computer.

    But, I have also found in recent months that I do better at writing on a notepad, simply for avoiding the distractions. If I’m on a computer? There’s Internet, there’s Twitter, Blog, E-MAIL…. Solitaire…..

    On a notepad? Nada. Words, lines, and clean white paper, waiting for more thoughts.

  5. I’ve got to agree with you, Heather, about the distraction thing. Like McKenzie, I’ve always written my journals with pen and paper [the raw tools of the written craft! Well, perhaps not as lofty as all that.]
    But it IS easy to get distracted by other things when you’re writing on the computer. Sometimes, if I really really want to concentrate on writing, I simply disconnect my internet.

  6. Tralala. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I figure you won’t mind all that much BECAUUUUUSE…two of my friends were looking to find a new, awesome, fun-to-read writer, and well — DUH — I told them about this awesome, fun-to-read writer I happen to know of who writes these short stories that deal with the dark in the best sort of way, and they are excited to check out this awesome, fun-to-red writer.

    Just so you know.

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