I sincerely apologize for the lack of major updates.  Sincerely.  I’ve:

  • been helping doctor poor-injured-cow
  • been helping hubby with farm work, i.e. hauling implements up to the field
  • been trying to get the house in order after being sick during April (yeah.  Still.)
  • been moving the rest of our cow herd to summer pastures
  • been sleeping whenever I have a chance
  • been practicing some moozik when I get a spare moment

And sadly, the writing has been unwittingly shoved to the back burner.  (I still have to come up with that ‘mothers’ themed blog post for the Drollerie Press Authors Blog Tour, due TOMORROW…..) 

But really,  I’ll catch up.  Really. 

(I’ve also been having this really weird  urge to write ballads & music…. DON’T ask me why, I’ve never really considered writing music or poetry or lyric my thing [seeing as I can’t rhyme to save my life], but I’ve just got this urge…)


4 thoughts on “can you spell 'busy'?

  1. Mckenzie: Thanks! Busy is good… but only for so long! lol.

    Slightlyignorant: I just don’t know about ballads, lol. I have this goofy urge to write one, but I have no subject or anything, lol. So we’ll see!

  2. Sounds very hectic! I hope things are going well, despite the craziness, and that you get to rest and relax a bit, soon!

    Also, have fun with the ballads! ^__^

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