Check it, yo:

Oh, goodie! I was looking forward to reading more of Ms. Ingemar’s work after enjoying The Dream-Drinker so much in StereoOpticon: Stories in Split Vision.

Accused, as said to be in the intro, is the story of a Half Vampire living in a rural human society until bigotry rears its ugly head. Being someone who is absolutely appalled by Bigotry of any kind, I found it very easy to identify with Ingemar’s Vampire, Nick and his wife Val, who sticks by him when the going gets tough. Loyalty being something I admire, especially when it comes to significant others.

I really enjoyed the sweet banter between them throughout the otherwise tense witch hunt.  Also liked that Ingemar seemed to have done her research on guns, unless she has personal knowledge of them herself. Either way, her coolness factor was just upped.Val got cooler with every line, I liked that she wasn’t afraid to get crass if it meant saving her Husband’s dignity.

Click here to read the rest of Soleil Noir’s review of the stories in “Bump in the Night”:


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