Book clubbers rejoice!  I now have a Readers’ Guide for my ebook “Darkness Cornered.”  🙂  This will be the first of several, as I plan to make guides available for all my single title releases.

Check out the ‘Goodies‘ page….


6 thoughts on “readers' guide for darkness cornered

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Heather. You made me smile and gave me a little more hope.
    I looked at the excerpts of your books, and I’m now wild to get my hands on them. I’ll be in the US at the beginning of June, and will, of course, be spending a monumental amount of time in book stores. Are your books sold at Barnes and Noble or Borders? If so, I’ll be picking them up!

  2. Slightlyignorant: 🙂 I’m glad for that! As for my books, so far my stories are only available in ebook format, with the exception of my story “Firedreams,” which is available in the print anthology “The Heat of the Moment.” Heat should be available through any major book store, definitely online through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 🙂

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