Here is a squee-worthy review of my story “Dream-Drinker” in the “StereoOpticon” anthology:

I loved the concept behind this story and its execution. My inner-kid was clapping it’s hands in glee as I read this one. I was totally rooting for Isabele (always a good sign of a well-crafted character)yet I also found myself oddly fascinated with the Antagonist-its concept being the most intriguing.

I think it helped that I felt that I could hear him, which brings me to another point. Ms. Ingemar’s dialogue is never out of place, it never felt forced. Forced dialogue bugs the heck out of me it’s one of my very few pet peeves when it comes to reading (and writing, as it’s something I also have a hard time with and have to work very hard at). I’m still wondering if it’s because she used it subtly and sparingly or if she just had such a good grasp on her characters that dialogue comes naturally to her.

And the ending-which I’m fighting so hard not to give away spoilers here-was reminiscent of the Old School Fairy Tales. I remember getting to that last line and having this wicked grin on my face. It was both fitting and satisfying in my humble opinion. And I have a feeling I will be going to read that story again soon.

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3 thoughts on “soleil noir reviews stereoopticon

  1. Heather, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, read and reply. (As well as for answering my question!) I adored “The Dream Drinker” and am so glad you found my review squee-worthy. *g*

    And may I say, I LOVE your header! Very pretty.

    I think I shall check on your other titles now and see if I can’t get my hands on ’em. 🙂 Thank you very kindly for the link back to the review. I wish you much success.

  2. Congrats on the stellar review. I find the topic of conversation (viz., characters, characterization, and dialogue) particularly interesting, having just wrapped up a project of my own that spent some time pondering related issues.

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