My friend Mckenzie over at Little Red Writer tagged everyone to try this:

List five things you are capable of doing.

  1. I write, and I’ve been told I do it well.  Mostly though (and if, after I’m dead, the college profs are debating the reason behind my work [ha!], here’s the truth), it’s a form of play for me.  It’s relaxing (most of the time), it’s an all-encompassing escape that I can disappear into and leave the rest of the world behind for a while.  I also like playing with the different ways words can fit together to form sentences.  It’s fun. 🙂  It’s just a plus that my work is publishable. 🙂
  2. I can play music.  I actually got a minor in music at the same time I got my B.A. in English Lit, and really enjoyed doing it.  There were times I considered leaving the English dept. completely and transferring to the nearest music school to do a music performance major, but, when it comes down to it, I’m not too fond of practicing. Ah, the truth comes out! I mean, I’ll practice simply because I like playing, but it’s dependent on how I feel, and four hours locked in a practice room with nothing but your instrument and the music your prof has chosen for you just didn’t strike my fancy.  What I really like is the spontaneity of folk jam sessions, where everyone knows their instrument backwards & forwards and can put beautiful, amazing stuff together on the fly, or, playing for people in an informal setting, where you can interact with them.  That’s actually why I don’t practice all that often (just enough to keep my chops up, or when I feel like it); because I love the social nature of music — playing with people, for people.
  3. I commute by bicycle.  Yeah.  🙂  I do roughly 14 miles a day during the good weather.  (I love the panicked look people get when they find out I commute by bicycle.  Really though, it’s not as hard as you think it is.)
  4. I’m comfortable with firearms, and am a good shot.  I learned to handle guns when I was little, thanks to my Grandpa, and since have taken to learning much about America’s wonderful sporting heritage.  I hunt, I target shoot, I think black powder muzzleloaders (i.e. antique firearms) are wicked cool, and my hubby and I share a very fun hobby: Cowboy Action Shooting (dressing up in period costumes, and doing a form of competitive target shooting only using cowboy-period guns).  🙂  It’s pretty cool.
  5. I can wiggle my ears.  Seriously.

7 thoughts on “five things

  1. Haha, good question!

    For my trad instruments, I made a little page ( that is hidden under my Biography page.

    I started my music education with Piano, and recently acquired one for my house, courtesy of my mother-in-law’s wonderful generosity. 🙂

    When I did my music minor, I actually did saxophone studies, on Alto and Baritone, but I’ve also played a Tenor before. The college where I studied had a Contrabass sax, which I sooooo wanted to play, but I didn’t get the chance before I graduated. 😦

    The sax is really cool, but I’m not that great of a jazz improv artist, which limits me.

    Along the way I’ve picked up some Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, and various percussion instruments… but mostly just enough to get myself in trouble! Hehe.

    I really prefer the trad instruments though, and the Piano. There is just so much you can do with them!

    1. Oooh! Sounds very cool!

      That’s wonderful that you were able to get a piano! Also, for some reason it’s intriguing to me that your flute is made of three pieces carved out of a single piece of wood . . . I know I would have a great time just lining up the grain, let alone playing it ^_^ (easily amused? Well . . .)

      I’m a bit sheepish to admit that I hadn’t realized there was such a thing as a contrabass sax. So I googled it, and, frankly, I don’t know if I’d even be able to *lift* one of those things XD (To be honest, I didn’t know contrabass existed in anything other than violins . . . the lowest-pitched instruments we had in our school band were baritone sax and bass clarinet.)

      Well. Anyway!
      Thanks for sharing =]

  2. Don’t feel bad, Erin. 🙂 It’s kind of a musical rarity — the baritone sax is far more useful, so there really isn’t a need for a contrabass unless you’re doing a five-part sax “choir.” And yeah, they’re really big! 😀

    And the flute is pretty cool. 🙂 I didn’t even notice it was all one piece of wood at first, and then when I did…! I’m still puzzling over how Mr. Sweet did it.

  3. Yay Heather! I am comfortable with firearms, too! And I’m actually, in spite of accident proness, a very good shot! I think it’s neat that you love music. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to comment. I’ve been away.



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