I’m feeling kind of sticky, in terms of writing.  I have a story I want to tell — a couple, really — and it’s been two weeks since I’ve felt any kind of major creative impetus.

The ‘Crown of Thorns’ rewrite has kind of… petered out.  I get the feeling that I liked the shorter version a little better, but I love some of the backstory I was able to create.  So, I’ve been wavering in how to proceed — trim the gangly version a bit, or add the bits I like into the lean story?  (Or, eeek and squeeze and wring out whatever else I can and pray to God that it turns out novel-length?)

I’m also having a similar situation with ‘Demon’s Music’….  Only ‘Demon’s Music’ is nowhere near being finished.  I have two versions of it, and I like certain parts much better than others — in each of them.  What to do, what to do?

And then there’s my ‘Bekah Mann’ story (for lack of a better title at the moment).  I’m excited about the unusual premise… but I’m (again) not sure whether it wants to be short or long?  Normally in this situation I’d tell myself to just sit down and write, but I’m not even certain (yet) where I should begin in this one….

I’m not sure what’s going on.  Maybe I’m having some sort of weird allergy to the spring weather that’s making me all wishy-washy and libra-ish (I’m a pisces, for those who don’t know.  Also a bit of a vacillator in terms of decisions, but far, faaar more impulsive in the making of them).  I’m pretty sure I’m getting enough sleep.  I know I’m getting enough exercise.  I might be reading too much, but is there such a thing as reading too much?

Lao Tzu said, “do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?”

(I am finding it hard to sit still that long.)


2 thoughts on “sticky

  1. Wah is right.

    I’m thinking it is my brain’s way of saying “Hey, chill for a bit!” Anyhow. I’ve done some work on the CoT rewrite, been thinking about how I need to prune and transplant different parts and I get the feeling I’m starting to get a decent game plan formed. So. That’s something! 🙂

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