The new babyMeet my new baby.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am a bike commuter — in good weather, that is. 🙂  From April through September of last year, I commuted 14 miles a day on a single-speed aluminum-frame Next bike, partly as an experiment to see if I could and to see if I could maintain my physical fitness…

…And I was hooked.

Now, while I felt absolutely nothing wrong with commuting on a single-speed, the bicycle itself was fairly limited in what it could do.  Namely, hills.  For each of the three hills I have to go over on my way to/from work, I’d have to get off and ‘hoof it.’

So, when the opportunity presented itself (i.e. I’m certain bicycle commuting will be a yearly thing), I upgraded. 🙂

My new bike is a Schwinn High-Timber women’s bike, with 21 speeds and (now) a water bottle cage and cargo rack.  Not an aluminum frame (this one’s steel), but I’ve ridden it a few times in the last few days, and lemme say, it is a dream.  The gears totally make up for the extra weight.

And, if you’ve been paying attention to my twitter feed, I’m completely and totally stoked for my first commute by bike (Tuesday, hopefully, if the weather holds).

Do any of you commute by bicycle?


5 thoughts on “the new baby

  1. New bicycle!? That’s amazing news! And so exciting!

    I biked from work sometimes last year (mostly because we have next to zero public transportation where I live, and I have to share a car with my mum), but it wasn’t much fun (I was terrified of the traffic the whole time, and my bike was fairly terrible), but if I had a shiny new bike that could do hills, I would be much more motivated!

    Eee! I’m so happy for you! =]

  2. Isn’t it though? 😀

    Traffic can be scary. The road that I go on is pretty much a highway, and it can be a little unnerving at times. But I find that most drivers are more than accommodating (giving me enough space and all), and the extra-wide road shoulders make it a pretty nice ride.

    Yeah, if your current bike is in not so good shape, I sincerely recommend some kind of an upgrade. A good bike makes all the difference! 🙂

  3. Yay, Heather! That -is- exciting. I remember reading your posts when you first started biking to work. I am glad you stuck with it, and that it has become a part of your life. And no, I don’t commute by bike. Ever. I mean, can you imagine me riding a bike and the accidents that might ensue? Yeah. Exactly.

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