I’ve been a total slacker lately in terms of writing.  I’ve got this new story in my head, and I think it will be fun to write, and I want to write it, but….

Every night when I sit down with pen & paper in hand, I fall asleep in the chair.

Yep.  The cat curls up on my lap, the house is warm, I’ve just had a nice cup of tea, I’m comfortable, and…

I fall asleep.  (And yet, when I go to actually go to bed, I can’t sleep easily.  Go figure.)

I am thinking I need to take to sitting at the writing desk again, to force myself to get this story out of my head.  I’m thinking the act of sitting down at a desk, upright position and all that, with the work in front of me might help.

I hope.


3 thoughts on “slacker due to sleep

  1. I hope it goes well for you!

    (Although sitting with a cat in a warm house with a nice cup of tea also sounds pretty good . . . ^_^)

  2. The curse of being a writer is that we think a lot about writing. We circle our keyboards, carry journals back and forth the the coffee house, to the garden, to the front porch, just thinking about the words. And after a while the guilt ,or the urge, or the muse, smacks us around and we finally get on with what we were meant to do. Or something like that…

  3. Erin: Yeah, a cat and a cup of tea isn’t bad. 🙂

    Size 10: We do think a lot! I think I need to poke my muse to get her to smack me back…!

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