Feeling a little overloaded right now in terms of words.  Plot.  Writing.  Everything’s swirling in my head into a giant soup of confused, conglomerated stuff.

I’m finding it hard to sort through the chaff.  Sort through the mess.

I’ll possibly be taking a day or two off.

De-tox, and all that.

Sitting until my muddy water becomes clear*.

*Ch. 15, 3rd paragraph, Tao te Ching.


4 thoughts on “confusion & overload

  1. Your blood sugar was probably low. I know with me, I simply can’t think straight when mine is too low.

    Something sweet to munch on and about 15 minutes could really help.
    Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but using your brain is just as taxing on your body as a run down the road. Stress can play a big part also. When I get low, it is usually because something is stressing me at work. Some big puzzle that I can’t figure out. That’s when I stop and have a snack. Walk away for a minute or two and before I know it, I’m back to normal again.

  2. It’s entirely possible. (For those who are wondering, I have Hypoglycemia)

    The stress thing is entirely possible too. I’ve been pretty busy (a good kind of busy 🙂 ) at work lately, and things always seem to slip between the cracks when I’m busy.

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