Aw bugger.

I can’t take it anymore, and the novel is going slowly.

I think I’ve got a flash-short brewing.

And, my writing hand is itching.

That idea to not write shorts while writing long….. Yeah.

It was almost worse than a New Year’s Resolution.


6 thoughts on “giving in to the short

  1. Yeah. I’m glad you’re going to write shorts. I think sometimes writing other things while working on another piece helps expand the said other piece. Ideas come out of no where. At least that is how it works with me.

  2. There’s that.

    And, I’m actually wondering where my strengths are, as a writer. Because someone pointed out on one of the writer boards I follow, that you should only write novels (or novellas or short stories) if they’re something you are happy to do. Meaning, if you write a novel and hate the entire process, find a different medium, one that you enjoy more.

    And, so, now I’m dealing with a certain confusion as to where I fit. This novel-writing thing has been alright so far, but EXHAUSTING, and — like I mentioned previously — I’m seized with this mad desire to run around writing flash fiction.

    Lol. I need to sit down, methinks, and do some soul-searching.

  3. That’s a cool idea! 😀

    … I wonder if it’s been done before…??

    (And the reallyreallyreally cool thing about flash? You can do all kinds of nifty formatting things like with poetry! Hehe)

  4. Seriously! I should try to do a book of flash fiction, too. You know, just to dabble my feet, after my last rejection. I know that one of my other blogger friends made a book, and I think it’s flash fiction? I haven’t ordered it yet. I still have a couple of yours that I want to read before I do that. So many things to read…and never enough time.

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