I’m reading a book right now called “The Element” by a Mr. Robinson (Robison? I forget off-hand), that discusses creativity, its relation to intelligence, and how the government-mandated public education system sucks for exposing kids to the things they need to be well-adjusted people and creative individuals (quite fascinating!  I am eager to see if he has any solutions to the issue).  He also talks a lot about achieving “The Element,” a form of Taoist wei-wu-wei, where the individual is fully in the moment of their creative passion.

(And ‘creativity’ is not just with paints or music or sports; he widens the scope to include everything, including math, science, and more.)

Anyhow.  It has me thinking a lot about my own creativity, and where it all came from.

I think I’ve always been fascinated with words.  More correctly, how words sounded when strung together.  Which is probably why I took to music early on — I didn’t really “get” the whole language/writing thing until Shakespeare and Poe in high school, and I didn’t know how to pursue it myself since there were no classes in ‘creative writing’ until college….

But even now, it’s almost orgasmic (aw, hell, who am I kidding?  It IS orgasmic) when I hear a well-crafted sentence…  It’s almost like words, in the right combinations, sing.

I love that, and maybe I’m crazy, but that’s how I hear it.

When I write, I’m not staring at the text.  While I’m visually in the world, I’m mostly hearing it.  I’m hearing the wind in the trees, the sound of grass on a glass bottle carried by a little girl (in “Dream-Drinker”).  The rush of water, a cold sound, or the heady buzz of insects that always seems to accompany a summer afternoon.  I’m hearing people speak, listening to how they walk, how they move.

I think that’s always been my fascination.


2 thoughts on “creativity

  1. I completely understand what you mean, Heather. I not only hear, but when I am in the “zone” or reading something excellent, it almost plays out like a movie in my head. Words are so powerful!

  2. I believe you have just touched on what a true writer feels when writing thier stories. Those who are truely creative, really feel what they are doing. They are there, within the story, within it’s pages, as if relaying a vision from their mind. And in reading their stories, each person is there with them.

    Authors like that were born to write. Born to tell their stories. Born to pass on what they know to those who were not. Authors like that are truely blessed, gifted, talented, etc.

    The ability to create a picture in the mind of the person reading the story is an ability not many have. The sign of a true artist…

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