7.  Hard-to-find antique or public domain classics are often free!

Are you a sucker for classic lit?  Often times, you can find classic texts — including hard-to-find antique texts — in ebook format for free download.

If you’re also an English major, this saves HUGELY on your book bill — I know from personal experience.  (And that free version of von Goethe’s “Faust” from Project Gutenberg is still my favorite over any I’ve read since.)


3 thoughts on “reasons ebooks rock #7

  1. I completely agree on this! As an English major, it saves so much money, and it’s so nice to have it at your fingertips!

  2. Oh, no kidding! My book bill before I started going the ebook route was outrageous! Hardly enough left on to eat from, lol. The ebooks sure helped that. 🙂

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