What does it take to be a friend?

What does it take to remain a friend?

My husband and I are closer than two bonded molecules.  He is my best friend, and one I feel very lucky to have found.  He understands me like my parents and my schoolmates never did.

I know what binds us.

I do not know what binds others, and it is puzzling, since honesty and trustworthiness, dependability and common interests — things I always thought were the basis of friendship — seem to not have any bearing on what keeps cherished friends close.

They have all faded away into nothing, vanished like smoke on a windy day, and I do not know why, though it grieves me.


4 thoughts on “friendship

  1. Awesome post, I have three best friends and honesty and trust binds us. We have gone through our ups and downs in the past decade and have survived. I believe that we have to feed our friendship. Give our friendships the love and time they deserve. Keep up the awesome job on your posts.:)

  2. I’m like, fireplace smoke, right? I’m not cigarette smoke or pot smoke? Could I be the smoke that chooses the new Pope? 😛

  3. Blanca: Thanks. 🙂

    Daniel: LOL!! Yes, yes, you can be the smoke that chooses the new Pope. Hehe. Although, I wonder… don’t you have to be Catholic for that?? Hmm…. (PS. Thanks for the giggle. I needed that, lol)

  4. A real friend is the one you can stand before – wide open – and they still love you for it. Many friends come and go, but the real ones are alway with you.


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