So, it seems I have a piano:

The Piano.
The piano in question.  Huntington, circa 1900.

My Mother-in-Law gifted this lovely instrument to me as an early Christmas present.  A lady in her housing community was moving, and couldn’t take it with her.  It was her favorite instrument, and I guess she basically gave it away for a pittance. 

So, now I have a piano. 

It was made in 1900, and has only been tuned 4 times.  After it acclimatizes to my house, I will see if it needs tuning (strings and wood expand and contract with temperature/moisture, which affects pitch), but I really don’t think it will.  From what it sounded like, the instrument holds it pitch very well.

It has ivory and ebony keys, like most pianos of the era, and the remarkable thing is that the ivories are practically intact.  There is very, very minor chipping, so little, in fact, that it is hardly noticeable.  (You rarely find pianos with intact ivories, especially if they’ve been used.)  The internal guts of it are also practically flawless.  No soundboard cracks, no worn hammer-felts, all the pedals work, and aside from some dust and a couple “ringy” keys, it’s perfect.  Even the internal, original factory stickers are pristine. 

The exterior is, I think, walnut (I just find out it’s cherry wood), and also remarkably unblemished.  There’s a few dings, some wear, but it is obviously an instrument someone loved very dearly and took really good care of.  It even came with the original matching piano bench, which, ironically, is the correct height for me (most piano benches are too low).  It plays beautifully (of course, I need to work on my skills… a bit rusty after not playing for 6+ years).

Apparently, I have a piano.


2 thoughts on “gifted

  1. “(of course, I need to work on my skills… a bit rusty after not playing for 6+ years)”

    Do you still play ANYTHING? Violin, tin whistle? Really, who is this “genre writer” and where did my talented musician go?

  2. Lol. She took a long vacation from the extracurricular to focus on Sax for her minor in music. Then she took another long vacation from that after graduation, lol.

    Now, she dabbles in everything at different times, hehe. (Free-time depending, of course, on how much of a juggling act is in progress!)

    So, wow. It’s been a while. I’m sending you an email.

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