This is a belated rant, that’s actually rather personal, but I need to get it off my chest:

So… do I have a sign reading “Harass me!” pasted to my back or something?

I don’t think I’ve got the words “Good for Teasing” tattooed on my forehead….


Sometimes, I just don’t get people.  I try very hard to always be courteous, polite, and friendly.  I have worked hard to cultivate — at least — the appearance of a tough shell.

However, that appearance of duckishness (letting insults and crap slide off my back like water), doesn’t work very well when it isn’t blatant.  It’s the undermining, the sneak-attack, that hurts.  Or the things said by people I thought I knew, that really tear me up inside.  (I’m bleeding now — do you like that?  Do you want to help me pick up my intestines and stuff them, slimy and oozing, back inside my belly?)

I’m not a snot-nosed little kid with coke-bottle glasses anymore.  I’m not an ignoramus, a little “Yes sir, yes ma’am” to be toyed with.  I grew up a long time ago.  Do you still see any dorky glasses on my face?  Do you see a goofy little kid worth teasing, “just because?”


Then knock it off.  I am not that lowly monster you can kick around.

I am walking away, swallowing all the nasty, vindictive retorts I can think of.  I am walking away from you, and you know what?  At the end of the day, I’m better than you’ll ever hope to be.

Because I said nothing at all.


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