This is a weird thing to be thinking about, but I did.

When someone becomes a vampire, the vampiric virus repairs their body into a “perfect” version of themselves.  For girls, i.e. less than large boobies would become correctly proportioned to the rest of their now-gorgeous body.

So, what happens if a gal gets a boob job, and then becomes a vampire?  Does she then have double the boobies she had before?  Or, when her body is re-forming, does her body just “negate” the silicone implants??

A very strange (and highly irrelevant) question indeed.

What do you guys think?


6 thoughts on “vampires and boobie implants

  1. It’s actually a very common theme in modern paranormal fiction. For reference, it happens in Meyer’s “Twilight,” and it happens to a lesser extent in Atwater-Rhodes Nyeusigrube books (the “victim” doesn’t become so much visually perfect, as their body changes to better facilitate their predatory nature, i.e. faster, thinner, stronger). There are other books, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

    It seems to have become much more common in the context of paranormal romance. (Heaven forbid they have “normal” looking main characters! *gasp!*)

  2. You have a wild imagination. I can’t even imagine that senario. My thought would be that the girl, in becoming the vampire, would absorb the implants and they would simply disappear and her body would be like normal again. Or, in a creepy manner, the girl might remove the implants herself and then heal quickly like vampires do. Whatever the case, it’s creepy to think about.

  3. Oooo! That’s a great idea (Re: removing the implants herself)! Creepy, yeah, but fascinating in a twisted, warped way, hehe.

    Someone should use it, and write a story about the bad side to plastic surgery! Muah ha ha!

    And you think I have a wild imagination???? Hehe.

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