I don’t know what it is about Church, but whenever someone I know gets into it, they lose that little spark of themselves that made them unique.  They forget to exist and grow God intended we shift and change, adapt individually to life; instead, they stifle themselves to better conform to what they are told they should be.

They become someone else’s clay, to be formed into faceless figures all alike, speaking the same words, thinking the same thoughts.


You’re beautiful just the way you are, friend.  So beautiful, and bright, like a shining, burning star in the darkest of nights.  You found wonder in everything, and everything fueled the sparking creativity that burst from you.  And that was what I loved about you.  I didn’t mind all the imperfections.  It was how the Master created you, and in that rawness there was loveliness.

But I see where you’re going, and unfortunately, I can’t — no, I won’t — follow.

I accepted you, friend, and, regardless of where your path takes you, I’ll still be here.

Because I loved you the way He made you first.


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