Well, I just got an email back from one of the reviewers I sent a couple stories to, and let me just say, I feel extremely flattered by her lovely and kind words.  It seems two reviews, one of my latest Echelon Press release, “Prophet’s Choice,” and “A Slip of Wormwood,” will be up on her myspace review page in a day or two.  After her email, I look forward to reading her full thoughts.

Stay tuned to the “Press Room” page for more as it arrives.

The weather has turned rather nippy here lately; it frosted heavily the other morning, and so it seems Autumn has arrived.  I am finding Autumn is my favorite season.  It’s a time of winding down.  Of warm fires and cozy cups of tea.  Of bright, warm, leaf colors, and…


No, you heard me right.  Halloween.  🙂  It is my favorite holiday of the year.  Probably even more favorite than Christmas.  I love walking around and seeing people’s Halloween decorations; the fake spiderwebs, the creepy jack-o-lanterns.  I love coming up with costume ideas (since I work in a library, the kids love it when I dress up for Halloween), going shopping for Halloween goodies.  It’s the time of year when I revisit Poe, and King, and Hawthorne, and trying to write spookier stories of my own.

I love it.

The fun thing is, this year, it sounds like hubby and I will be hosting a small, informal Halloween get-together.  We’ve gone all out, with buying fake bones, goofy lights, skulls, and more.  I now even have a set of large, gothic snack bowls.

I love it.  Autumn…. well, Autumn rocks.


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