I hate to get into politics in my writing, but I’m just going to say this one thing.

You wanna know what I hate most about politics today?

The fact that the majority of the media doesn’t even look at who is best qualified to do the job and uphold the ideals of our country and the rights of our people.

It’s all about who screwed whom and who has the dirty little secrets.

This is going to sound incredibly amoral, but so what?

I want to know who has what experience.  Where they stand on important issues (like 2nd amendment rights, and I’m not talking the smoke-blowing bullshit that they feed us at every rally.  I’m talking REALLY.  Where DO they stand?).  I want to know what they, as a leader, can do for this country.  I want to know why, honestly, why they want to be President.  I want to know how they plan to handle things.

I don’t give a rat’s butt about whether someone has a freakin’ dysfunctional family.  Or not.  Our employers aren’t allowed to ask us whether our parents got divorced or whether we are gay or if we have kids or if we’re having an affair outside our marriage.  They aren’t.  If our employers did that, they’d have a lawsuit on their butt so fast, Hell wouldn’t even have time to freeze over.

So.  Media-people.  Tell me.

Can either of our political candidates do the job?

Point.  Blank.


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