Part ONE of my Olympia trip:

Prior to my flight, I had several different opinions on airplane transportation.  Some said, “Oh, it’s alright; security is a pain, but it’s ok.”  Others said, “Flying is awesome!”  And then there were those who said, “Oh.  I’m so very sorry for you.  Airplanes are horrible since 9/11.”

Needless to say, I wasn’t sure what to think as hubby and I walked into the nearest airport at 6am on October 2nd.  My first impressions were that security was awfully easy-peasy; the worst part about it was wrangling my coat, shoes, toiletries, and bag into that little tub on the conveyor belt.  Also, that it’s awfully boring on the other side of the secure airport — I got to look at the giftshop and the coffee stand…. and hubby…. from behind a glass wall!

[insert image of hubby and I saying a wordless goodbye with hands pressed palm to palm on opposite sides of the glass barrier]

About the time I felt like I’d been waiting long enough, the attendants entered, and just as the dawn crept over the tarmac, I boarded my first flight ever.

The plane was a little one, probably a 40 passenger, and actually was more comfortable than I anticipated.  The best part was taking off.  The engine (and I got a window seat BOTH TIMES.  Muah.) roared outside my window, and it felt a little like I was in the Gravitron at fair back home as we zipped into the sky.

The next coolest thing was how fast we went in the air.  Literally, as I looked down at the land far below, I watched us come up on, and pass places hubby and I had taken an hour-plus drive to, in minutes.  Freaky.  I took lots of pictures from the air looking down and around the propeller, but only a few made the cut.  And yes, I did experience turbulence.  Dare I say I found it fun?

Fun, until I almost put my orange-juice glass up my nose.

As we came into the airspace above Seattle, I remember thinking it was way too short of a flight.  Next time, I’m going to have to see about going to a conference somewhere further away, just so I can be on a plane longer.  I’m serious.  It was cool.

As we neared Sea-Tac Airport, our pilot took us down lower and lower — I felt a little like a spy because I could look out and see what kind of things people had in their back-yard.  Old rusty lawnmowers.  Primo play equipment for their rugrats.  A hot-tub.  Etc.  I even saw an old International flatbed (black) that had a “for sale” sign on it.  That surprised me, being able to read the sign from up in the air.

Then, with a bump and a sudden deceleration (I could hear again!), we were at Sea-Tac Airport.  (That’ll be part two, posted sometime in the near future — hopefully tomorrow?)


For pictures of my flight, trip, tours, and flight home (to be finished uploading tomorrow), go here:


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