I’ve spent the last week or so working on a new story set in the same universe as “Crown of Thorns” (I’m thinking about calling it the ex Demonae series).  I finished a rough draft of chapter one, began on chapter two…

…and last night my characters told me they wanted it in third person.  Not first.


So now I have to go back and entirely re-write everything into the proper point-of-view, which, while it is a pain to do so, I think it will serve the story better in the long run.  I’ve got other characters that want to have their say.

In other news, there’s an awesome article over at Booksquare today. 


Ms. Krozser talks about all these “publishing is Deeeeaaaaad, WOE Betide!” articles, and how the current publishing model is actually at fault for declining readership.  She hits the nail on the head. 

Your average reader does NOT read heavy literary fiction.  They want entertainment.  If publishers would give it to them, they might find that their failing numbers would make a startling and sudden recovery.

It’s what I’ve said all along.  I like literature.  I like the classics.  I see the importance of writing literary fiction, making that commentary on our culture, our society.  But dangit, probably 90% of the reading public won’t read it!  They want to be entertained! 

Tell me, why is GENRE fiction the biggest portion of any bookstore?  Of any library?  Hmm?


I stopped reading adult fiction because 90% of it was literary drivel I was sick of reading (read a TON in college, got out and wanted to detox!).  I had to go back to children’s and teen lit to get the entertainment factor.  I’m sorry, but that’s sad.



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