I know.

I took vacation this last week, and hubby and I have been busy harvesting (in between machine break-downs and other what-have-you).  This week I’m back at work, and getting ready for my trip to Olympia for the WALE conference.  Did you know that the airlines will only allow you to take 3oz toiletries?  And you can only take what will fit in a quart-size ziploc?


Did you also know that one regular-size bar of soap is over the 3oz regulation?

*grumble grumble*


I started in on another piece a few days back; I’ve been working on it in between hauling truckloads of grain to the elevator.  I still don’t have a title for it, but it seems to be in the same world as “Crown of Thorns,” and so I’m thinking I might try a few more in the same length/style and maybe see about a full-length collection. 

We’ll see (as always).


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