I feel like my head is spinning like the little girl’s in Exorcist, haha.

Over the weekend, hubby and I did the fair booth for our cowboy action group, which was a LOT of fun; we dressed up in our period attire and wandered the fair, garnering lots of “funny looks” and questions.  As far as the group goes, it was pretty productive.

Unfortunately, I was also working the library booth, so it was pretty crazy there until Sunday.

But!  My spat of ‘writing silence’ is over; I’ve forged ahead with edits on “Dream-Hunter,” and the other night I had a dream for another story/novelette that will kind of be in the same vein as “Crown of Thorns.”

The interesting thing?  I’ve realized a few more things about my writing tastes.

When I was a kid, I wanted to write series books, because that was what I read (never mind I couldn’t write yet — you’ve probably all heard the story before, and if not, ask me sometime and I’ll tell you).  I could think of nothing better than to write a whole slew of books like Bonnie Bryant or Walter Farley.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing my “Dream-Drinker” sequence, it’s that I don’t particularly like writing stories featuring the same characters.  In fact, it’s really tough.  Because, when I write a story, I write that characters story as far as he or she wants me to.  When I’m done, there is no more to tell.  Writing anything more when there IS no more… well, it’s a slog.

I do, however, rather enjoy writing stories set in the same world.  They still are a series, and sometimes the characters may overlap, but they are different.  I’m not forcing the story to go further than it wants.

So.  After I finish “Dream-Hunter,” I think I am done.  Isabele will not be revisited.

And I think we’ll both be happier that way.


2 thoughts on “so where did my weekend go?

  1. *waves* hi there! Where you at your state fair? I sometimes wonder about these things. NM has its state fair in Sept., but Indiana had it in mid-July (or so I heard from friends). It’s way too hot here for a state fair in July 0_o.

    As for the pictures that head my websites, the banner pic. for the blog is Kamakura, Japan. I’m not the world’s best photographer (I cling to the digital idology of “take enough pictures and one of them will *have* to be good”), but I travel a lot, and I love using photos with memories attached to decorate my personal net-spaces. In case you were curious, the picture on my Worlds *of* Words website is from Shiraito waterfall in Nagano (near Karuizawa, where I love to go skiing).

    Anyhow, cool blog back-at-you, and thanks for dropping a line on mine. -Elisa

  2. Hi there!

    I don’t know that Washington has a state fair…. We were at the county one.

    That is so cool about your website photos. I would love to do some traveling sometime, but just haven’t had the chance yet. Count yourself lucky. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

    All the best…

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