I really need to be writing; it’s not like I don’t have projects to do.  ‘Crown of Thorns’ needs editing.  ‘Dream-Hunter’ also needs to be edited, and portions of it need to be re-written.  I’ve got that flash piece that’s waiting to be hammered out, and then I want to tackle ‘Dark-Fall’ again….

It’s not like I don’t have things to do.

However, I seem to be suffering a sort of strange lethargy.  Or maybe it’s not lethargy at all, maybe it’s that I’ve been so busy getting ready for the county fair and finishing up projects for my day job that I just haven’t had time to get into my “zone”….

Of course it doesn’t help that the piece I’m trying to finish, ‘Dream-Hunter,’ is giving me problems.  I need to give the story more room to breathe, but on the other hand, there are parts of it that have too much room….

I guess this is just part of being a writer, eh?


2 thoughts on “so i've been really bad

  1. And on a totally unrelated note…

    “I do not know your name, and I probably will never meet you,”

    Hi Heather and SigOther.

    My name is Ken Starks. Thank you for the kind words and support. You have no idea how valualble they are to our efforts.

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