So, I can’t remember if I’ve talked about it on here before, but my husband and I are members of an organization called SASS, or the Single Action Shooting Society.  SASS is dedicated to promoting the history and culture of the Old West through shooting sports, also known as Cowboy Action.  SASS shooting clubs hold monthly “matches,” or group shoots, and some groups host what we call an “Annual Match,” meaning it’s a huge competition shoot (only it’s usually more fun & goofing off than “competition”).  At a match you shoot targets both moving and stationary with a combination of rifle, pistol, and shotgun — all your guns are period-correct for the late 1800s.  You even get to dress up in period-correct attire, which is a hoot.


The reason I took off this weekend was because hubby and I went to one of these annual matches in another city.

Wonder of all wonders, I made 2nd place in the Lady Traditional category!  Hubby did well too, placing 3rd in the Duelist category.

It was pretty darn cool if I say so myself.  I am still stunned that I did that well.

While we were down there, I also splurged and bought myself a new digital camera.  A Cannon PowerShot.  It seems to be a pretty good little camera, of course, I have to learn how to run it!  Hopefully I’ll figure everything out before the fair this weekend —  our local SASS club (run by yours truly and her hubby) has a booth in the fair building, and I’d love to take pictures of it (as well as just take pictures, period).

On another note, I have one more excerpt to post, one from my bestseller “A Slip of Wormwood.”  And then I think I’m caught up.  I have been working on a super-short flash piece to post on here, but it’s not done yet.  I’m using it to take a minor break from my other stuff before I go back and begin edits on “Dream-Hunter” and “Crown of Thorns.”  And before I begin rewriting “Dark-Fall.”

I’ll post it when I’m done. 🙂


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