My handheld has been awfully squirrelly lately, and I’m not sure why.  I hadn’t been using it very much these last few months, and then earlier this week I pulled it out and charged ‘er up so I could get used to using it again (getting tired of re-typing things I’d written, wanted a quicker updating calendar than a planner, want to take it with me to the conference in October, etc).  I’ve been carrying it in my purse, in its case, and for the first week it was doing great.

Yesterday, I couldn’t get anything but a blank, lighted screen.  I turned it off, turned it on, did a soft reset, turned it off, on, etc.  It was acting strangely.

Then, all of a sudden, it came on, and said I had only 4% battery!!  WTH?  I keep my electronic goodies charged up when I use them or carry them, so how in Hell had it had such a battery drain?  Confused, I turned it off, put it away until I could deal with it (hubby and I were at a cowboy shoot).

Last night, when I pulled out my charging equipment to plug it in, out of curiosity, I checked my power settings.  It seems I forgot to set it back to “turn device off when not used for X minutes” after the last time I listened to music while bicycling home.  Heh.  I assume something turned it on in my purse, and, well, the darn thing stayed on.

I feel kind of silly about it now.


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