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Lear King lives in a world where darkness is the new day. One of the many sufferers of the V-mutation — a disease giving the victim a form of vampirism — Lear works to go about his daily life as normal as possible, even when he only functions at night.  He is a detective with the VAPD, and lives happily with his girlfriend, Kai, who happens to be one of the last humans without the mutation. But their world is suddenly shattered when a determined and cure-crazed scientist kidnaps Kai to use in his dark research. Lear becomes a man on a vendetta, cornered in darkness, but prepared to do whatever it takes to save the one person he cares about. But will it cost him his life?

Short story.

Echelon Press LLC, March 2007.

The excerpt:

He placed the gun on the counter and took off his belt, setting it next to his pistol as he always did. Sliding onto one of the barstools, he pulled the mail over in front of him. Junk mail, junk mail, grocery coupon book, junk mail…. He made a pile of the junk on the floor, knowing she would round him for it in the morning, but also knowing she’d be glad he was safe.

What’s this? He noted the edge of a small manila sticking out from the bottom of the stack. Addressed to him. Lear King. His brow furrowed in suspicion and frustration. They were after them again, harassing him about her even when he’d said enough….



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