This is a very fascinating article, and it seems to point toward what we (the ebook community) have been saying all along: listen to the consumer!

This guy (who’s a game developer, but for all intents and purposes it fits the same argument) decided to pose a question to all the e-pirates out there: “Why do you do it?”

The response he got was astonishing.

This is his original post:

Quite fascinating indeed. 

I can honestly say that I’m not going to go out and buy the latest novel I want to read in ebook format if they’re charging $20 for it, and I can drive down to Hastings and pick it up in hardback for $20.  But I’ll buy a short story or two for a dollar or so, and a novel for maybe four or more.  And I’m probably not going to buy it if I can only read it on one of my many machines.


It’s an interesting article.


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