When I was a kid, I learned that potassium reacts extremely violently with water.  During Biology class, my teacher related a personal anecdote about a student who had accidentally tipped over a tiny, open container of it into one of the science sinks (which happened to have water in it), and the resulting explosion made a 4ft wide hole in the 12ft high ceiling.

As a kid, I thought that was ‘way too cool.’

And then I got to thinking.  Bananas are high in potassium.  Very high in it, in fact.  And our bodies are 95% water.

I wondered why bananas didn’t explode when we ate them.

Now that you’ve thought about it, don’t you wonder that too?

(Actually, I guess it’s because the potassium in a banana is bonded to a bunch of different elements, thus nulling the ‘explosive’ factor.  Freaky, huh?)


One thought on “bananas

  1. Banana skins contain potassium that are great as a growth agent for plants. Our orchid flowering spikes after they had been fed on banana skins have obtained a height of 1 metre which is unheard of here in New Zealand. We cut the skins into roughly 4 cm then add boiling water to them which turns the skin black, and feed them to our garden plants as a boost fertilizer (skins look like tree bark when dried). As a rule it will take 12 months before your plants show promised amaizing results with diced banana skins – no explosion – only in the growth.
    Try it, you’ve nothing to lose.

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