In my opinion, a lot of us have trouble “letting go.” You know what I’m talking about; when you’re editing, and editing, and tweaking, and polishing…. and you just can’t make yourself STOP?  Yeah. I think a lot of writers (myself included) have a hard time letting go of our babies. When I’m in this situation, deep down, I feel a bit scared to send out a manuscript, because I know it’s going to get picked on. The thought is intimidating.

But sometimes, you just have to make yourself let go. Often, when I feel like this, it’s a “now or never” attitude. “If I don’t do this now, right this minute, I’m not going to.” And so I open that email, spruce up my cover letter and attach the manuscript to it, and hit ‘send.’

In my opinion, that’s when you become a true writer. When you’ve written something, slaved over it, lived it and breathed it, and then you let it go. You let people read it. You let editors of magazines and publishers critique it, and maybe it gets trashed by somebody, but you’re sending it out and someday someone will pick it up and publish it.

That’s when you’re a writer.  That’s what separates the hobbyist from the professional.  What determines success over stagnation. 

You don’t get anywhere if you don’t try.


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