So today I wake up, and my forehead is puffed up like a balloon, and all my lymph nodes on the left side of my face are hard, painful little knots clear to the space under my jaw.

Stupid hornet.

Did you know that you can’t rent a car until you’re 25 years old?  I did not know that until my employer asked in regards to making reservations and such for my trip this fall.

Of course, I’m two years away from 25.

I felt a little…. cheated.  No hot little sportscar in cherry red to drive around after my flight (if they do decide to fly me).

Saw a very, very interesting movie last night with my husband, “Hitman.”  When we rented it, I felt a bit skeptical, thinking it would be a gory shoot-em-up with little or no plot to it other than “more gore.”

Boy was I wrong.

This was a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.  The main character is cold, but conflicted, with a softer side he has been conditioned (and can’t afford) to show.  His “sidekick” is witty, feisty, and headstrong.  There’s political intrigue, suspense, and lots of cool action sequences.

And the dialogue was very good.  The acting was even better.

So yeah.  That’s what I did last night after I got done eating a few more pieces of Tylenol….

Stupid hornet.


3 thoughts on “swell

  1. damn! so sorry you got stung, babe. i’ve never had a close encounter with a hornet, and count myself lucky. it sounds super nasty! take care of that thing…meanwhile, i’ll put out a hit marker on the hornet. no, no, please…it’s what friends are for.

    which reminds me, did you know that the movie “hitman” is based on the video game of the same name? ‘struth.


  2. Thanks Jude! 🙂 I actually am doing better now; I was really swollen up for about three days, and then the lumps & bumps began to disappear. Thankfully, the headache didn’t last anymore than two days (I hate having to eat tylenol like that).

    Yeah, that’s what I’d heard — hubby said he’d played it once in college. I guess they incorporated a lot of the game elements into the movie, like the changing outifits/disguises and stuff.

    I’m not much of a gamer (unless you count Myst & Riven), but I sure liked the movie! 😀

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