My hands are gripping the steering wheel, but my characters are controlling the car.

“Dream-Light” has finally taken off.


3 thoughts on “out of control

  1. heya darlin’…long time, no visit! but i’m finally on the mend. had a second (yes! 2nd!) surgery a little more than a week ago (gallbladder out–yeah. ewwww), but the bod’s bouncin’ back. figure my surgery allotment must be filled for the next 15 years…

    re the new layout: love the look, but damn, babe, this thing is difficult to find back entries with. i can only access the most recent two, then nada…

    but it looks like you’re making terrific headway. you go, girl! burn that keyboard, babe!

    i’ll be back to read more…count on it. *kiss*

  2. Aw Jude! *hugs*

    I missed ya!

    Thanks for the pointer about previous entries. Will find a solution to that pronto.

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