“Requiem” still needs to go through another round of edits before I’ll feel comfortable sending it out to anyone, but I’ve started the search for an agent.

The peeps at the Absolute Write forums (see the link in my sidebar) have been awesome, answering my questions about what all an agent does, and how to go about narrowing down the field.  Yesterday I went to a suggested resource, Agent Query (http://www.agentquery.com/), and made a page-and-a-half list of agents who would accept email queries for YA and/or Fantasy and Horror.  Then I searched them up by their agency (since it seems you submit to the Agent, c/o the Agency they work for) on the Bewares & Backgrounds Check forum to see what the general consensus says, and then I went to Preditors & Editors (http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors) and looked the agency up there.  I was able to narrow down the list, and I have about five agencies I will prepare a submission packet for to start.  I’m going to keep looking though; looking for an agent is kind of like looking for a magazine for short stories — you have to find one that will ‘fit’ what you have to offer.

It’s a time-consuming process.

I’ve also started work on “Dream-Light,” a ‘Dream-Drinker’ novel, and it’s going really, really slow.  Of course, I’ve been really busy doing farm stuff, and so when I sit down to write at night, I’m kind of tired to start with.  So my focus has been off.  But I want to hurry up and write it, get it done, and it’s a little frustrating that the words are like molasses on a cold day.

And then there’s a fact that I have an idea for another novel in a similar vein to “Requiem” (with different characters) that I want to work on, so it’s like, ‘hurry up and write Dream-Light so I can work on this other piece.’

But, I want to take my time placing “Requiem” so I can do things right.


One thought on “starting the search

  1. take your time on this, doll…finding the right agent is muy importante, as i know you know.

    and re the flowing ideas: let ’em rip! keep notes…lots and lots of notes. (i’ve got buckets of them waiting for the day i can get to them…funny thing is, when i do, i know the notes will be of use, but by that time, the ideas will have fleshed out much more fully. love how that works out…)

    you’ve got time to do it all…and i know you will.


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