My WIP, “Hattie Locke,” I feel is almost done (for the second time, hopefully this time it will actually BE done).  I’m also very excited, because it’s almost long enough that if I wanted to, I could look for an agent and see if I might get it published somewhere big.  That’s if I wanted to.  I have yet to see if the work will stand on its own, and I also have yet to see a finished length (that’s post-editing).  So, maybe.  We’ll see.

I sure hope it is.  That would be really snazzy.

Today, I start chapter Eleven, and I think I have figured out a plot point that has been bugging me relentlessly since the beginning.  I got to a point in the story where not only did my main character have a lightbulb moment, but I had one too, and I think it is the right one.

Time will tell, however, and I should know if I need to backtrack in a few days. 🙂

Over the last few days, I don’t think it’s stopped raining for more than thirty minutes at a time.  The lawn has turned into a freaking jungle again, and the creek running past our house is kind of… high.  Not as high as it was last week, but still…. high.

The good news is, it’s raining on our freshly planted spring barley crop.  And on our winter wheat. 🙂  That’s always something to be happy about.


2 thoughts on “words, rain, and the big 'ah hah!'

  1. I am so happy your story is working out! You should do the agent thing, especially if you feel so secure in the story. 🙂 Also, rain is best!

  2. Thanks, me too! 🙂 Part of me is really disturbed by the agent idea…. I’ve been selling my short stories for a year now and finally grew comfortable with it — and now I’m considering handing it off to someone else??? WTF? lol. This is also going to sound really funny, but I’m also not sure about the print thing anymore. I’ve grown to really like having my stuff in e-format — I’d like to continue that too.

    BUT, I’m sitting here counting chickens again. I’ve still got to finish the darn thing! 😛

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