The Spring Youth Writers’ Conference was awesome

There were about 30 very talented writers who attended, and it was very exciting to answer all their questions and read/give feedback on the bits of writing they brought.  I really hope I was able to help, and I sincerely hope I managed to encourage everyone to keep at it, even though it doesn’t turn out perfect the first time.

But wow!  What a day!

I am still very tired, but I had a lot of fun on Monday.  And the cool news is that it sounds like they will want me back next year — and of course, I’d love to do it. 🙂

So, I am re-writing my teen work yet again….  This time, I hope it will mesh better than the previous two/three versions.  I also think it’s going to end up shorter, say 10k instead of the 15k I was shooting for, but you know what?  10k is turning into a comfortable length for me.  I can give more nitty gritty details, and have longer plots than in a 3k or 5k work.

So it’s not a bad thing.

I’ll write a novel yet.

Just… small steps.  Small steps.


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