I have been a bit of a slacker this last week in terms of my writing.  Although, it is very hard to write when you’re running on less than four hours of sleep a night for three nights in a row.

But there were other things too, of course.  In the middle of chapter seven (of my teen novel), my characters kind of left me hanging — and therefore, how can I write when they aren’t telling me what they want? 

Last night I had a break.  Not a huge break, but a break.  I managed to put down 600 words of decent stuff, so it’s a start.  I am still a little in the dark concerning the majority of the plot after the turning point, but, this novel has been interesting in that my characters aren’t overloading me with info like previous works.  They seem to only be giving me enough to go in the right direction, and when I get somewhere, they give me a little more.

Here’s to progress.


2 thoughts on “the break

  1. I hate when characters stop giving me information about who they are or where they are going! Only a writer can understand this. We come up with a story and characters, but then they form a life of their own. Hope they talk to you soon! LoL

  2. Thanks!

    Well, now they are talking to me, but it’s in bits & snatches from later on in the story. I’m taking notes (and doing some drafting), but I’d still like to move forward in a little more linear fashion…. hehe.

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