Don’t they realize what that will do to their business?  For one, they’ll be in violation of anti-Trust and Monopoly laws, and they’ll also be p*ssing off a TON of customers.  Authors are readers too, mind.  And if we can’t get our work listed because someone with their head stuffed in a sunless spot tells us “assimilate or die,” (especially when the contract terms are sucky) well, honestly, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.  And I don’t think I’m too off the mark when I say others will do the same.

I think the thing that disturbs me most is that they’ve even had the audacity to threaten the New York houses with this ultimatum.

Someone’s too big for their britches, methinks.  FTC for a smackdown, anyone?


2 thoughts on “are they nuts?

  1. A good case can be made that what Amazon is attempting violates anti-trust laws. Waiting for federal anti-trust action would take many years–years to get the Justice Department to act, years of trials, years of fussing over what the court decision means. Notice how long it took to deal with Microsoft’s tactics, despite the fact that the corporations they were bullying were large and powerful. None of us can afford that long a wait.

    Action at the state level, however, could move much faster, particularly if it involves off-the-record contact and a somber warning from those who can make trouble for Amazon. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle about a ten minute drive from the office of the Antitrust division of the Washington state attorney general. Here’s the contact information:

    Office of the Attorney General

    Antitrust Division

    800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000

    Seattle, WA 98104-3188

    Telephone: 206-587-5510

    Fax: 206-464-6338

    Note the remark on that web page that “The Antitrust Division only processes complaints that involve either Washington State residents or businesses located in Washington State.” Amazon is in Washington state, so it matters not where you are. You might also want to raise the issue with your state attorney general’s antitrust office, asking them to get in touch with their colleagues in Seattle. If you’re a publisher, encourage your authors to write. If you’re an author, encourage other writers to contact them.

    It might be best to call followed up by a letter or fax.

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