First of all, let me just say there’s nothing like fever-dreams that relive the opening scene of “Army of Darkness” over and over and over….. 

[wild choral music]

It didn’t used to be like this.

[more choral music, under sounds of people groaning and chains clanking as they’re driven down a dusty road]

My name is Ash, and I’m… a slave.

[fade out and repeat]

Today I’m feeling marginally better; still stuffy, coughing, etc, but at least there’s no fever.  I’m glad about that.   While I think “Army of Darkness” is a hoot, eight hours of those first minutes replayed over and over gets a little old.

It’s strange, but in all actuality, I think being sick has helped me sit down and work on things!

I’m nearly done with the first draft of “Shadows on the Snow” (soon to be retitled), and I’ve made notes on my “Catacombs” story.  In fact, I’ve made some pretty huge progress in just thinking about the stories I’ve got on the burner right now — I haven’t written all of my thinking notes down, but the fact that I’ve had the time to sit and ponder is huge.

Now if only it wasn’t nearing tax time, and I didn’t have that sort of thing to do, I could really rocket forward on the writing……!


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