I think I’m sick.

(Actually, I know I’m sick, I’m just trying to not admit it to my body, so my body fights it harder.  Funny how that sort of psychology works.)

Anyhow, I just don’t feel particularly well.  Sore throat, headachy, that sort of thing.  At least it feels like a cold instead of the super-nasty flu that’s been going around.  Been taking Tylenol and guzzling Orange Juice since yesterday, and it seems to have helped.  A little.

And yet, I can’t stop working on my projects! 🙂

I think “Shadows on the Snow” is going to have to be retitled.  It’s going to be good, but there are a few bugs I’ll need to work out, and I don’t think the idea of ‘shadows on the snow’ is going to fit very well with what my characters have planned.  And “Catacombs” is going to be very, very interesting, I think (I just need to write it down).

I think getting rid of those cluttering manuscripts I mentioned a few days ago has helped.  It’s really amazing how much brainpower an idea can suck up.  Now, after I’ve come to grips with the fact that those pieces are finished, gone, vanished, I feel… lighter, somehow.  I feel my creative juices coming back.

And it’s nice.

Makes feeling ill tolerable.


2 thoughts on “under the weather

  1. Ah. Well, I know how it is to be sick. I just got out of the hospital for the umpteenth time. I hope that you get better. Try AirBorne. That stuff is amazing when it comes to colds. And yay for finishing manuscripts!

  2. Thanks, McKenzie.

    I really should try AirBorne — you’re like the tenth person who’s recommended it to me. 🙂

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