It’s raining today, and the water has made the pavement almost like a mirror.  I sip my coffee a I sit at the computer, checking email, blog-surfing, pondering aspects of my latest work, and listening to the sloppy sssswwwooooooosh! noise of cars flying by on their way to the ski resort.  They think there will still be snow.  With this weather — our thermometer says 43 right now, and yesterday it was almost 60 — I doubt it.

The creek is high.  The snow is melting.  Our calves are being born, and it is Spring.  Heck, I’ve got miniature daffodils blooming like white cotton-balls out in my garden.  The irises and tulips are three inches out of the ground already.


I love Spring.  Even with all the water, it is my favorite time of the year.  Cool enough I can curl up on the couch with my handheld to work on a piece, or a book to read, keeping warm with a fire in the furnace, but warm enough I don’t have to look like the Michelin-man just to go out and get the paper.


2 thoughts on “spring snapshot

  1. Wonderful site you have and you write beautifulli..such detail and description! Very well just entering your blog! 🙂 Have a wonderful week! Stay safe. Katie

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