It seems I might have another bottle calf yet.

Day before yesterday, one of our cows gave birth to a set of little black bulls, it looked like one with a brockle (white splotched) face and one solid black.  Hubby and I were concerned, and we kept a close eye on her all day. 

The little brockle face followed Mama around…. and the solid black one looked to be abandoned.  So, we put on our muck boots (it was very wet and soggy yesterday, and looks to be the same today), and set up a pen and calf shelter for the little bugger.

My husband walked out there and picked up the little baby and started heading back toward me (I was waiting to get the gate for him).  About halfway there, the little guy started bawling, and lo!

Mama mooed back and came running.

It seems, baby wasn’t truly abandoned after all.

However, this does present a problem.  Mama cow will have problems keeping track of both, and we may have to pull the little one off at a later date.  So it’s back to strict vigilance.  As long as we can leave the twins on her, and as long as both are getting enough to eat, things will be fine.

But, the pen and shelter is ready just in case.


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