Ok.  So I decide I’m going to close my personal email because I’m being inundated with an unGodly amount of spam.  Fine.  I set up a new email account, get it all up and running and begin transferring things over, letting my contacts know, etc.

Then, this morning, I receive a spam email in my new inbox from… me.

This has never happened before, and I’m a little upset.  I mean, I’ve only had this new email for three days!!!  And the last thing I need are my contacts (professionals and friends) receiving spam from my address.

I am….  Peeved.


2 thoughts on “Email headache

  1. yes, spam, the life-killer.

    before we switched to a new ISP, i was deluged with the stuff. i still get an occasional spiel hawking viagra, and messages from strange, lonely russian women who ‘want to be my friend,’ but far less now.

    i’m not sure how yahoo works, but check to see if they have elective spam control settings…cranking it up to a higher level sometimes works, though it can also inadvertantly cause it to stick non-spam email in the spam bin.

  2. Heather, you may want to run an anti-malware/spyware scan to see if you’ve gotten infected on your computer with something that’s finding your address book when you sign in and sending out automated messages “on your behalf.”

    Just a thought.

    Good luck!

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